Success In Social Media comes from the right location

Physics is governed by laws and theories that help scientists understand how our universe works. There is the Theory of Relativity, the String Theory, and Newton’s Laws. So it is with business. While there are theories out there that you can put to use in helping make your business successful, there are also business laws that you violate at your own peril. One of the most famous laws is the Law of Location.

Your office, your shop, your website, and you attendance at networking events are proof of the Law of Location at work. If you are where your potential clients and customers are then you will most likely be successful. Conversely if you are in a place where there are no potential clients then… it is going to be very hard to be successful.

The same Law of Location applies to where your business should spend its time in social media. Your chances of having successful engagements and conversations will be best served if you are in the right location.

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