How to keep on top of your emails

Are you receiving emails all day everyday and you can’t keep on top of them? Do you arrive at work with an inbox full of emails and feel quite overwhelmed? I am often hearing people say that they are ‘Not on top of their emails yet’ or ‘They still have emails from a week ago that they haven’t looked at.’…I have a solution for you, put aside twenty minutes maximum every morning to sieve through your emails and file into folders, also file as and when the emails come through. No need to file into a folder for every single category (I have tried this before and for me it is a waste of time, also I can never find my emails). File into no more than five folders. Keep it simple. You can change the names of the folders to suit yourself but here are the folders that I tend to use:

To action today – Emails you need to action today

To action later – Emails you need to action after after today

For reference – Emails that you need to keep for reference at a later date.

Already dealt with – Emails that you have already dealt with

Not Needed – Emails that you don’t need to deal with

The above approach keeps me on top of my emails. And I am always able to find all of my emails quickly.

Have you a solution that works better for you? If so it would be great if you could share it with us.

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