How to be a healthier office worker

I am a dancer and I work in an office all day. Being a dancer I like to look after my body, but I understand that office work isn’t great for your body. I do all I can ensure I stay healthy and I would like to share my advice with you.

The problem…
Most of us are aware that sitting down working on a computer all day is not a healthy for your body, but are you really aware of the extent that office work can affect your body? In fact inactivity can lead to some serious problems in the long term, this is quite scary. But for many of us office work is reality, this is how we earn a living, so we need a way to keep healthy whilst working.

The solution…
The answer to your problem is an exercise schedule incorporated into your working day. Creating a schedule is very important, otherwise we probably won’t bother / we will forget / we will be too busy. Or maybe we will bother but it will be more of an ad hoc approach so we won’t cover off everything we need to. We need to be organised with our exercise, just like we are organised with our office work. Schedule it into your day, it really doesn’t take so long, it’s just a little bit at regular intervals and believe me a little bit really does help.

Still not persuaded? The effects of office work on your body explained…

General…When you are sitting down all day everyday your body is quite inactive therefore it leads to lots of problems. There is an increased risk of heart disease and cancer to consider. Also sitting down a lot will change how your body metabolises and leads to the a gain in weight.

Eyes…Luckily looking at something all day everyday does not usually lead to long term effects, however it can lead to short terms affects, for example – headaches, which can affect your performance.

Wrists…Repetitive sprain injury (RSI) is very common. It causes an ache and sometimes pain. You need a good working space and you need to take breaks to try and prevent RSI.

How to create a schedule…

So now your know why we need to exercise, now you are wondering how to put this schedule together. I have read a lot of research and the consensus is, do ten minutes exercise every hour. Your exercise should include getting up out of your chair, and stretching and strengthening exercises of all your major muscle groups. Your schedule will vary according on the work you do, whether it’s sitting at a computer all day or sitting in meetings all day.

I hope this helps, if there is demand I can put together a generic exercise schedule. Any questions please ask.


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