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What is a tagline?

A tagline is a slogan that you create in the aim that it will become associated with your business over time. A tagline further defines your company’s offerings.

Why have a tagline?

A tagline is specific to you, differentiating your brand. It strengthens your marketing messages in a simple and powerful way.

Examples of some the best taglines (my opinion!)

‘There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else there’s MasterCard.’ – MasterCard

By purchasing tangible products with the credit card, the consumer is ultimately able to reach the “priceless” moments that money cannot buy.

‘Think different.’ Apple Computer

Steve Jobs said that you can change things, you can make influence and you can build your own things that other people can use (Steve Jobs). An Apple computer is unique.

Read more here about some great taglines:

Do small businesses really need taglines?

You don’t need a tagline, but as a business you should do all you can to stand above all the crowd and noise, having a tagline may just do this and put you ahead of many other small businesses and your competitors. Businesses with a tagline are more likely to remain in the mind of a future customer, you may become more memorable to your clients, and others who may refer business to you. If you have a good tagline, it may give your potential customer that final push to make a sale, which means more profit therefore essentially a more successful business!

How to create a good tagline for a small business?

Taglines are not easy to create. I have put together a bit of advice below. You need to create taglines that are:

Simple, short and concise. – People need to understand your tagline. They need to understand what your company does after reading your tagline. Keep it short.

Unique – Do not fall into the trap of making your tagline too generic. It needs to be associated with your company not all your competitors.

Timeless, and consistent – You do not want your tagline to quickly become dated. ..And if your tagline works as it is, do not change it, this can confuse your audience. Hence a timeless tagline is required.

Focus on audience – Your audience needs to be able to relate to the product / service, communicate the benefits.

Matches other branding – The tagline is part of the overall branding so ensure you follow the brand guidelines like you would for the logo. So everything works well together and looks consistent.

Positive – Research shows that positive taglines do well.

I found a good resource, a step to step guide to creating a perfect tagline:

Have you any advice to add? I would love to hear!


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